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Hello, I'm GideonB and I am making Ball of Doom using Game Maker 7 Pro.
Here is what I am planning to do for my next version release onto ModDB

  • Save/Load Games
  • More levels
  • Seperate Skydiving mode
  • More content
  • Super-Hard normal Mode (Normal doesn't mean difficulty)
  • Finally, a Better Menu.

So when this game gets released it should have 5 hours of content. Except 100 Missions, 50 seperate Skydiving Missions and then 10 Super-Hard Missions, with Save and Load won't last long. I know because I'm making them. When the game gets released, I will have crap music on there. The update that I will release will contain music I made myself (I don't have a midi port on my keyboard and I'm going to get a USB electric guitar (THE iaxe) instead) because then I can create some proper good zen-like music.
That's all.

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