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A new version for the demo (v1.04) is online. 2 versions of the game will be available.

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  • A new version for the demo (v1.04) is online. It contains the following changes

Corrections :

- Objects caught in the inventory are now tied mouse cursor as the player has not used the right click or that the action was not successful.

- Toggle effect between toolbar and inventory fixed.

- Optimized variables, reducing the processors calculations.

Evolutions :

- Capacity increased inventory.

- Removing the inventory navigation arrows.

  • New photo and video of new room
  • Website completely redone, with more content.
  • For questions or problems with the game, I put on the site an online discussion system.

Since the last update, I received via forums and email, a lot of feedback players on the project.

In summary, here's what comes out.

- The main character, currently included in the demo, collected 58.33% of votes.

- The second character, not included, collected 41.67%.

Since there are many views, it was decided to keep the two characters. The choice between the two will be included at the beginning of the game.

- 2 versions of the game will be available (after a personal choice as well as the opinions and feedback of players)

1 free version, which will include :

 The full story

 The character currently in the demo

 18 rooms

1 paid version, which will include in addition to the free version:

 The second character, selectable at the start of play

 4 additional rooms

 2 different end

 Interaction between the character of the game and the player via email (the character of the game will communicate with the player by email)

 Goodies (still to be defined)

o A crowdfunding campaign will be launched shortly. This version will be launched only if the campaign succeeds.

o The free version will be launched end December 2015.

Finally, do not forget the online contest, which ends on 30/09.

And especially thank you to all.


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