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Status update, new models, contacts, useful links.

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Let's get started - latest models!

Blueberry Alien sculpt:

Not really "blue" but this shader is quite nice :D, no hands, feet and tentacle thingies, reason for that is that I'm going to do retopology of whole model making it drastically lower poly.

Brodys still:

Maintainance (ro)bot:

May be not exactly as in show, but hey I bet no one seen its butt either, so I had to improvise, I've added 4 thrusters to help its maneuver (assuming it uses same technology as kino).

Obeservation deck, still Work in Progress:

The Shuttle:

As you can see, it is missing 5 consoles, 5 seats and couple of monitors :P Everything will be done soon enough.



Started working on it not so long ago, so yeah, that's pretty much it.

Here, cool shader to make it cooler :P

Any help is appreciated, I need any good reference shot of anything in the ship, any alien, device or even better - the outside of the Destiny!

C++ programmers, Level designers, 3d modelers, Voice actors, Musicians, 2d artists, Writers AND ANYONE IN GENERAL WITH IDEAS are welcome (I know.... Everyone... Don't mention it :D)

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Sign petition to save SGU: Change.org

Save Stargate Future Travel: Facebook.com

Other links:
Twitch.tv - from server to all the watchers Stream (more watchers the worse performance...) MAIN
Live.bittorrent.com - peer to peer Streams (more watchers the better performance!) SECONDARY
Youtube.com - watch more videos from me
Twitter.com - get tweets as I start streaming

Q & A:

Q: You are so awesome!
A: That is not realy a question, but thanks!

Q: When will it get finished?
A: when it‘s done...

Q: How can I help?
A: Make concepts for worlds, aliens, spaceships and other awesome stuff, also provide me with good reference shots of Destiny, post comments.

Q: I have found these cool Stargate related models! Would you use them if I gave them to you?
A: I would only if author allows and model is good enaugh :P

Q: Why there is no real name for your game?
A: I‘m bad with names, just look at my nickname. Feel free to give suggestions.

Q: Will my computer run this thing?
A: I‘ll do my best to make it compatible with low end machines.

email - mobididikas@gmail.com
Skype - mobididikas2

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