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We have some nice features coming this week, starting today! First of all, we've added a little Halloween touch in the maps. Jack o' Lanterns and stuff!

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Whats up everybody!

We have some nice features coming this week, starting today!

First of all, we've added a little Halloween touch in the maps. Jack o' Lanterns and stuff!

Today's patch will include bug fixing, balancing and some new scene assets (lot of new changes in the Hospital). And later this week we'll release a little Halloween treat for you guys (Yes, this week!), guess what? Voice chat!

We've put a lot of effort into making voice chat really fun.

It means...

- The sound is 3D positional, even people using stereo speakers/headset will have great precision telling where the sound is coming from.
- Distance attenuation and physics based attenuation! If you go too far from your buddies, its gonna be hard for you guys to communicate or even impossible because there is also physics based attenuation. Meaning that if you are behind doors, objects, walls, and any other physical barrier the sound will be attenuated too, just as it should ;)

And what about the monsters!?!?!

Yeah, here is the fun part. While playing Lurker, you're gonna be able to hear and speak while in its physical form. Time to hear those little invaders screaming out of loud!

For now the Phantom won't be able to hear voice chat, that's where you guys can help us, we need help deciding how to make voice chat work with Phantom without breaking the game or making him too over-powered.

So if you have some good ideas and suggestion on how to make the voice chat work with phantom, please discuss it with us in the forums!

That's it for now, hope you guys enjoy the new features to come.


Voice chat?! Fan-bloody-tastic!

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Since the Phantom works with sound its a bit tough too make the feature for it, but the best i could come up with was basically making the human voices unreconizable and locatable, or simply just lowering therange of the phantoms hearing.

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It would be quite cool if the monster could hear the humans but when the lurker tries to speak the humans just hear whispers. Then you could really scare the players by making them really paranoid from hearing whispers coming from different directions.

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So how does one get the new patches? Kind of annoying that my friend is stuck at .44c and I'm on Steam running .50a. She can't even play.

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