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Post news RSS New Spy Problem's Act 3 is out!

Consider this New Build as the BETA to the Final Build, which will contain 5 Acts in Total!

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ACT 3 / 5

The neighbor has decided to hide from the FBI in the old Amusement Park of Raven Brooks. Mark Anderson, a 45 years old NightGuard of the Park has noticed his presence, it's time to do his job and kick Peterson out of the Property. You'll need something to make him understand you're not fooling around, but it's locked in your locker.

Hide from Theodore in the old Amusement Park and find your way to the key of your locker, which has been lost in the Abandoned Property you keep safe!


- Improved Act 1's Intro Sequence

- Fixed a few Bugs

- Minor Changes

- Minor Details Added

- Added Act 3

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