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Two new spells, some changes and fixes are being released tonight. Below is a full list of what is being updated in tonight's patch:

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New Prayer Spell: Resurrection allows players to resurrect other players by casting the spell on a corpse of the fallen player. When resurrecting a player, the player must be logged in and in the heaven's gate area to be eligible for resurrection. A minimum of 125 prayer skill is required to cast.

  • New Black Magic Spell: Magic Reflection allows players to put on a magical shield that reflects one aggressive spell. The shield only works once per cast but always reflects the aggressive spells.
  • Both new spells must be found and cannot be bought.
  • New: Spirit Stone added to Oakpass area, just above maze and just below Oakpass. (Thanks For Suggestion Khor)
  • Change: Quantity Text Box Now focuses when clicking a piled item(Thanks Crafter).
  • Change: Spirit gain from Soul Harvesting should now be less (more reasonable amount) than what it was before the patch.
  • Change: Good spawn camps slightly toned down in Skytop Ruins.
  • Fix: Hiding players should no longer show on minimap.
  • Fix: Super Natural Storm/Hellfire spells no longer target players in protected regions (such as walled cities).
  • Fix: Trapped tiles should now appear red immediately to trapper instead of having to walk first.
  • Fix: Error in weight calculations related to piles during a player trade should now be fixed.
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