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The developers of the android strategy game Vampirix announced the launch of new ingame features, including a Vampirix Sudoku spinoff and a Wheel of Fortune.

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The developers of the android strategy game Vampirix announced the launch of new ingame features, including a Sudoku spinoff and a Wheel of Fortune.

Vampirix Sudoku

The latest release of Vampirix Game includes a third contest available for players, a Sudoku variant with Vampirix characters and items instead of numbers.
The colorful sudoku is offering prizes for the players that solve the different levels, prizes that may be artifacts, potions and coins.
The sudoku contest was introduced as a pass time activity for the players, "between attacks and raids", as mentioned by City Beetles, the company that developed the game. Vampirix Sudoku also has it own highscore tables.
The develipers also mentioned that, if succesful, the Vampirix Sudoku will be developed into a separate game.

Wheel of Fortune

The new release of the android game Vampirix also includes a Wheel of Fortune. "When you feel like you are not in a fighting mood, you may consume your public action points by spinning the Wheel of Fortune. The wheel may give you artifacts, potions or coins", write the transylvanian developers.

Vampirix is a multiplayer casual real time strategy game developed in real Transylvania. It's an old school like game, with build and fight strategies, with resources, armies and economy.
There are monthly rounds. You harvest these little red creatures, vampirix, from various buildings. They're not really vampires, but are related to Dracula. You also get scientists that keep the creatures under control. With your armies you attack other players or public places where you may get artifacts and potions. Strategy is the most important.
Vampirix is developed by City Beetles.The game is available for android and Windows 11 devices.

Google Play Page - Play.google.com
Official Page: Vampirix.com

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