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Cat Banana Studios has started a new crowdfunding campaign for Imagine Nations. Please support this game that was Greenlit on Steam.

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Imagine Nations

Cat Banana Studios is proud to announce that the studio will continue our crowd funding initiative for Imagine Nations with a new campaign through our website at www.ImagineNationsGame.com/campaign. The campaign is powered by IgnitionDeck (Ignitiondeck.com) and allows supporters to directly support the studio's goal through the website rather then use a 3rd party site like Kickstarter. We acknowledge our previous Kickstarter campaign funding goal was not met, however due to the overwhelming positive feedback and support, we felt it was important to continue the campaign to fund our game.

Imagine Nations was Greenlit on Steam and is supported by a growing community across multiple platforms like Steam, YouTube, and the web. Anyone who pledges will receive “Backer Status” and gain special access to our site with an opportunity to earn other rewards on specific pledge tiers.

About Imagine Nations (www.imaginenationsgame.com)
Imagine Nations is a game where players will be able to build their own adventure, cultivate lands, seek out new civilizations as they quest, and expand their world. The choice is up to the player as to how you want to progress. Do you support the cultures directly by helping to gather resources, building new buildings, settling down with your own home, and maybe even starting a family? Or do you work indirectly, completing various missions offered (which may send you off to dangerous and exotic locations) that have the potential to impact on how well the towns function? Or maybe you simply don’t care about these people, and go off on your own and rough it? These are one of many ways you can play Imagine Nations.

Key Concepts:

  • Explore a vast procedurally generated universe, from your starting planet to the stars beyond!

  • Research new technologies that help both yourself and various cultures advance through the ages.
  • Go out and build creative and elaborate constructs from duct tape and guano (or whatever else is lying around on the ground).
  • Engineer and pilot a new jet, ship, or even a state of the art spacecraft.
  • Build and run a successful town, growing it to heights beyond just a planet, but into space itself.
  • Fight creatures and find awesome loot in dangerous locations with all your friends, only to sell it to some sucker in a nearby town.
  • The opportunities are as endless as your imagination.
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