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Heres some new data for you! Undernet Uprising has now been updated. Our Newest Version is 0.09.2! Heres some of the newest features: Updated Battle Engine, fixed connection speed.

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This is the full update list! Here you go!

Update List

Movement system update. Characters no longer 'stick' to walls sometimes. It's also generally better made.
2 new areas created, and backgrounds other than the Megapage background have been made.
New navi available, and CEO rank created.

Various chips added into the fight system. All navis still look like Megaman though. As yet, Areagrab and H-Burst do not work correctly, or at all.

Constant disconnection has been fixed, however in the process of this, players are allowed to have worse connections, meaning some fights could get very laggy if the opponent has a poor connection or slow computer.

Explanation of the game's lag. Important for online fights.
The game has lag. I can't stop this. It's not so bad for some people, but for others, like me, it's quite bad. In the overworld, this doesn't really mean much. In fights it means plenty. If you hit someone on YOUR screen, it will tell them they have been hit and take damage. Likewise, if you are hit on theirs, you will take damage. The game is more based on your ability to aim, than their ability to dodge. Though dodging is important still in most cases.

You can now apply to add Custom Navis to our game! It doesn't cost a thing, just follow the guidelines on our website (When on the main page, go to the right column and click "Game Guide *client version*")

Available status:
Temp-ban - On the spot ban by mod or admin. Permanent, until I figure out how to make it auto unban. For the moment, assume anyone who is temp banned may be unbanned at first request.
Banned - Perma ban made by admin. Only available through admin homepage. Reserved for nasty characters who spam, flame, hack etc.
User - Standard player. Default upon registration, or login if an older profile.
Mod - Can temp ban or boot players.
Admin - Can temp ban, boot, make announcements, perma ban and edit profiles.
CEO - Cannot be banned or booted in any way shape or form. Will auto promote if rank is lost for whatever reason. CEOs are Destroyer, jpfreak and Xeroi.

Available navis: (Enter the entry exactly, case specific.)
Normal Navi
Zx[jpfreak's custom navi]
Blade[custom navi]
Cloak[xeroi's custom navi]
Helios[destroyer's custom navi]
Zorro[custom navi]

Gumbitha - - 23 comments

Let me get this straight...hit detection is done client side? If so, I'd be very careful. Too easy to hack. :)

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