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I've just finished uploading new beta build v0.949b. This build includes a pretty large number of bug fixes and balance tweaks. However, one of the more interesting changes involves our familiar cryo facility.

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I've just finished uploading new beta build v0.949b at bluebottlegames.com. This build includes a pretty large number of bug fixes and balance tweaks. However, one of the more interesting changes involves our familiar cryo facility.

Return to the Cryo Facility

A few players had asked in the past to be able to return to the cryo facility later in the game, in case they wanted to search again for clues, or didn't get a chance to earlier in the game. That makes a lot of sense, so I rewired a few things to allow that to happen.

Home Sweet Home

When returning to the facility, players will re-enter the cryo chamber and be able to review any clues they missed the first time around. What's more, there's a new place to visit: Exam Room 17.

ER17 doesn't have a ton of new content yet, but it does let me try out an experiment in upgradable campsites. It might help be decide if and how I can do something similar in the DMC or sprawl.

It's also likely to replace DMC, Hatter, and Hidden Lake in the demo. That's a lot of encounter content for a demo, mostly because there wasn't much to do until reaching the DMC. However, adding ER17 means I can keep the demo limited to a smaller area, but still have a couple encounter examples, plus all the new features like combat, camps, wounds, etc. It should make the new demo a very rich experience by comparison, even if limited in area.

Other Changes in v0.949b

Other changes and bug fixes in the latest beta build include:

  • Added the ability to return to the cryo center later to review clues.
  • Added a new camp type at cryo center.
  • Added some missing items to the junk store.
  • Clean bandages are now worth $1.
  • Encounter, craft, and skill confirm buttons now have tooltips for spacebar hotkey. (Users who are tired of mouse clicking, take note!)
  • Removed ability to take cover when stunned, recovering, or distracted.
  • Added code to make degraded items the same rotation as the items they degraded from, to fit same spot.
  • Removed nanokit from cryo facility encounter. Now 100% chance of first aid kit, with extra drugs.
  • Hid cap boxes that are invalid when dragging an item.
  • Changed hit location probabilities to favor torso more.
  • Fixed bug in pain accounting (caused eternal sleep after using painkiller and whiskey).
  • Added crafting to campsite page.
  • Changed code to allow scavenging when creature nearby.
  • Changed encounter items to show more text in tooltips.
  • Fixed a bug causing blank game over message.
  • Reduced degrade rate of clean rags when not equipped (e.g. in storage).
  • Added game over music.
  • Fixed a bug which caused game to choose best attack modes that were empty on the player.

With these changes in place, it's time to start work on the new demo. Stay tuned!


Awesome, but...
Nice game :D

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dcfedor Author

Thanks, glad you like it! The demo's free, if you'd like to try it. There's a fair amount of stuff to do, even in the demo. But yeah, I feel your pain :)

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I'm guessing the demo is just an older version of the beta with say, no story or as many things to do in comparison? (I love the demo, but i'm torn with my wallet!!!)

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Saw this game on Steam Greenlight, so I upvoted and faved.

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dcfedor Author

Cool, thanks man!

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