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I've just finished uploading new demo (0.955d) and beta (0.955b) builds. These builds include bug fixes and new content for both the demo and beta.

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Water Tiles!

As mentioned in an earlier post, NEO Scavenger now has dedicated water tiles:
Plains with water, hills with water, and marshes.

These water tiles are guaranteed to have a water resource in them. Regular plains will no longer have any chance of a water resource. Hills and forests, however, may still be hiding one. So players may still find hidden water when they visit hills and forests.

Item Stacking

Item stacking has been completely overhauled, and now every item in a stack is its own unique object. This means:

  • Recipes and newspapers no longer magically change when being added/removed from a stack.
  • Adding a stack of recipes to a player now adds all recipes from the stack, not just the top one.
  • Item condition doesn't change when being added to a stack.

Also, stacks of items can no longer be equipped, except when held in the hands. This should help reduce confusion when applying bandages or wearing gloves.

Otherwise, stacking should continue to work as it did before. And consuming stacks of items should now work again (i.e. use the top item from stack, and decrease the stack size). If you notice any odd behavior or bugs, let me know.

Other Fixes

There were quite a few other fixes and changes included in this build, too. They include:

  • Added new water resource hex art and hex types.
  • Changed plains and hills to be barren of water, and water versions to always have water.
  • Changed item stacking so each item in stack has unique properties.
  • Fixed a bug that caused sound effects/music to get stuck or fail to fade out when window loses focus.
  • Removed squirrel pelt tunic from scavenge treasure tables.
  • Added code to suppress scavenge tutorial in subsequent games.
  • Added code to suppress map tutorial in subsequent games.
  • Fixed sort button popups appearing on map and when button not used.
  • Added code to make AI equipment more weathered.
  • Added meat cleaver recipes for squirrel meat and pelt.
  • Fixed a bug that caused stacked consumables to be unusable.
  • Fixed a bug that caused faded battle moves.
  • Fixed item animating to off-screen even if destination was on-screen.
  • Fixed a bug that caused previous battle's last moves to appear in current battle.
  • Fixed a bug that caused sort button tool tips on map screen.
  • Fixed a bug that caused quick recipe button to duplicate ingredients.
  • Fixed a bug that caused stacked ingredients to disappear when crafting.
  • Fixed bug that allowed items to be stacked on non-held slots (bandages on wounds, gloves, etc.).
  • Fixed a bug that caused stacked items to stay ghosted after crafting.
  • Fixed a bug that caused crashes when player and last combatant simultaneously retreat into same random hex.
  • Fixed a bug that caused crashes when AI tried to loot a camp.
  • Fixed dogman encounter image lighting.

Beta-Only Fixes

Lastly, some fixes and changes exclusively for the beta version:

  • Changed hidden lake to use marsh tile and smaller trigger radius.
  • Added code to split loadgame process into pieces, so Flash wouldn't time out on large save files.
  • Fixed a bug that allowed traits to be moved and deleted when save game loaded.
  • Fixed bandages appearing in wrong place on game load.
  • Fixed a bug that kept adding starting encounters when loading a saved game.
  • Fixed a bug that caused load games to have empty encounters stored in queue (caused empty battle screen at end of battle sometimes).

As always, big changes can mean I screwed something up. So if anything breaks or seems awry, let me know! And have fun!


Am I the only one that thinks this game is to hard :P.
God sometimes when i start a new game i search forever and cant even find a water bottle.
One time i searched 11 tiles in a row and found NOTHING. ABSOLUTLEY NOTHING!.
But besides that, fun game for flash.
Would like to see you guys write this game in xna or something else besides flash :/.
Hate flash, hate it!
With a real engine you guys could make it so you can drag and drop items instead of clicking this so you pickup, or click this so you can move stuff. Took me some time to figure that all out on my own...

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But the difficulty is the fun of the game!

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dcfedor Author

Sounds like you got some unlucky rolls on the loot table! If your scavenge results are turning up empty too often, you could try choosing "Strong" as a skill. Most scavenge encounters get better loot chances if you're not afraid to bash a few things and make noise. But beware, banging around ruins can attract unwanted attention!

As for the engine, what is it about Flash that you don't like? If it's the UI, that's probably more my fault than Flash's, since drag and drop is supported by Flash.

In fact, drag and drop was actually how NEO Scavenger worked, originally. However, I found that users with laptops and trackpads were having trouble dragging items. This was especially true for players with less manual dexterity. Making it "click to pickup/drop" allowed them to move items around easier, especially with limited trackpad space.

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The main thing off the top of my head, is no ability to right click. If you could right click you could make the items drag and drop again I would think.
Like i said its kinda pain to click this button to consume, this button to move. yada yada.
Game is fun, i love future apocolapytic stuff :P.

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dcfedor Author

Do the hotkeys help at all? E.g. 1, 2, 3, 4 keys switch cursor modes, so you don't have to click the buttons manually. Also, spacebar advances turns/combat/encounters/crafting, and there are hotkeys for each inventory panel.

I setup a lot of hotkeys around the WASD area, so one hand can be on the keys, while the other uses the mouse.

I'll probably add new mouse features in the future, whether they be shift/ctrl, or right-click. Part of the trick is finding combos that work for everyone, since each platform has different input restrictions (e.g. laptops often have tedious right-clicking, Macs reserve ctrl for special usage, etc.)

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Great update!

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yay fish or FISHMAN D:

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