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Took a little longer that wanted but the new demo is here and another one is on the way soon. The arena is in and we are playing with music. Good times all around.

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New Demo, New Arena and Music Test.

New Alpha Demo

The new alpha demo is finally up, it took a bit longer then we wanted and does not have every thing we intended due to things getting it the way but it is a big step up from the last one and we will we working towards releasing another one soon with even more new content in it.

Download here: Indiedb.com

New Arena

The new arena that Meshing about was working on is now in the game/demo and looking good. But since a picture paints a thousand words why don't I just show you.

Music Test

A while back we got a message from Spinwires.bandcamp.com about some music they were offering to developers to use for free and we liked it so have started to test putting it in to the game (not in demo) and we think it is a nice fit.


Meshing about has been busy working on content for the new Dragon King Tower which will be an exciting addition to the District. And I have plans to do some polishing touches/changes to the menu system to get them to a point where I will be happy to not touch them again for a while. Meshing about has been off the web for a while because of moving house so I am not sure where he is at but aiming to have this work and more done in the next week and then release another new demo.


As always thanks for your time and interest, don't hesitate to ask questions we want to hear from you. If you want more information we have social sites all over the place for you to look at. Talk to you all latter bye.

Full Metal Combat Socials

Meshing About Socials

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