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We have released a short demo, so that you can check out how Netherworld will play like yourselves. You will have a taste of all the basic concepts: exploration, tactical turn-based combat, and you will also be able to construct two of your own custom spells - Destabilise, and Barrier.

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We know that the demo can be a little hard to pick up, so here's some advice and tips:

  • Read what the question marks at the bottom of every screen have to say. These provide you with basic introduction into the mechanics, your objectives, and the controls. If you ever feel like you have no idea what to do, check these out.
  • Remember to click on the little dots as well - they provide you with Essence that you will need when you visit most of the locations.
  • There is quite a lot of Essence that you can collect in the world or earn as encounter rewards, but there is not enough for you to take advantage of all the locations around the world, so you'll have to manage your resources.
  • Explore to the left before you explore to the right. The combat encounter to your right is the final combat that you will probably not be able to win unless you explore to the left first, and increase your power somewhat.
  • It helps a lot in the final combat if you have your own constructed spellpowers - ideally both the Destabilise and the Barrier. They do cost some resources to make, but it is well worth it.
  • Remember that you may be able to zoom out much further than you think! A lot of people do not try to zoom out to the maximum, and they miss an opportunity to see the rest of the world. You cannot reach it in the demo, but you can still have a look.

While we plan to eventually release Netherworld on Windows, Linux and Mac, the demoversion is currently only available for Windows.

Windows demoversion

Let us know what you think! Remember to back us up on IndieGoGo if you enjoy the demo.

Good luck!

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