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This is my very first Indie game it was intended to be sold to the xBox 360 but it never went to the public. So I am releasing this game for Windows instead...

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Get Me Out Of Here is an arcade game similar to pacman but deals with ants and beetles. Added challenges to the game when the beetle eats the leafs he releases toxic waste that makes the normal ant follow your trail. As you progress further into the game you will deal with new monsters such as Soldier Ants, spiders and much more.

You need to download the XNA 4.0 and install it in your HD and make sure you have the latest DirectX installed in your system plus .NET framework Redistributable in order for the game to work.

Download XNA 4.0 Redistributable at: Microsoft.com.

Download .NET Redistributable Microsoft.com

You only need to download them and install them ones in your lifetime in your PC computer :).

P.S "You need an xBox 360 controller to run this game...you can play this game using the keyboard arrow keys: Right, Left, Up and Down but when ones the spider shoots the web at you...you need to press the letter combination to exit the web. Here at this point you need an xBox 360 controller or an xBox 360 controller clone as it will be asking you to press X, B, Y and A combination. You can also play the game using the controller. The game was intended to be released for the xBox 360 as an Indie game but it was never released for it...so I am releasing it for the PC windows instead."

You can buy the game here: Gumroad.com

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