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I'm still hard at work on getting the demo released by January 31st, but this Friday is getting a little close for comfort and there are a lot of things left on the checklist. It may be delayed until February 7th, but I would be surprised if it took the full extra week. Find out what's up in this quick update!

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First, let me say that the game is coming together quickly and very nicely. I am, however, a LITTLE worried that I won't quite make the January 31st deadline. I'm continuing to push towards it with everything that I've got, but in the end this is my first real game and I'm only one person. I apologize for any slippage at all, but If I fail to meet the Jan 31st deadline, the new fallback date will be February 7th. I want to make it clear that it shouldn't actually come to that, but I want to be open and prepare those of you who have been kind enough to follow me. Please realize that I want this game to be out as much as anyone.

Onward with the update!

To tide you over, I wanted to give you guys another look. I've recently finished another couple of animations for Sam:

That's the static. And here's the floating:


These animations will play when you do well on any given stage stage. He seems pretty pleased with you, no?

I've also completed Roku's stat screen animation:

Stretch and breathe, girl! You've got more running to do!

With those animations complete I think the stats screen is almost ready. I don't have a current screenshot, but I'll post an animated one in the next day or so. Here's the initial mockup:

Tough crowd. :\

In addition to these animations, there's now an entire page of information over on ORCZ for you to check out! It talks about the choices I've made with the game as well as some history for how the game came into being and where I came up with the initial idea. Take a read!

Finally, I'm hoping to do at least one more music update before the demo is released so that people can hear a little more - I'm very excited about one song in particular. It's coming together fast, but there are more than a few animations left and only me to do them, so I apologize for any delays if they happen.

Thanks for following and I hope you've enjoyed the quick update! Back to work!


"Possible Small Demo Delay" - grrrrrr....
BTW - may I repost this news at my page? (www.indiegamer.info)?

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iamshadow64 Author

Absolutely! I was going to send you the info because I saw you had that page this morning. I really do apologize for the delay. I'm the only member of my team and I just want the game to be solid - even if it's a demo. If it's any consolation - I'm still up working and it's almost 6AM. ;)

Hope you understand and thanks for the interest! Seriously!

Edit: And by "apologize for the delay," I mean IF it happens. I'm still trying to get you the game ASAP. I'm just being cautious for the moment.

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"I'm the only member of my team" - one emperor, one land, all fruits and money only to your pocket ;)

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