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We talk about our next project for 2013-2016 period. The Theory Saga Project.

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Monolect Games is working on a brand new project saga. The Theory Saga, is a project that brings to Windows, Mac and Linux platforms the experience of JRPG merged with concepts of WRPG, Hack' n Slash and Open World adventures.
Monolect Games standarts of quality are great audio production, memorable characters and oustanding tell tale stories. Runing under Unity 4 engine technology it offers great visuals and inmersive gameplay.

Project Theory Saga is a RPG conceived with a complex battle system that mix ARPG classic combat, with Hack 'n Slash and Turn Basis System. We call this MRPG (Mixed Role Playing Game).

The combat system features 4 different modes:

- Attack (Basis Hack' n Slash)
- Hability (Basis ARPG)
- Style (Basis Turn/Strategy)

Combining this three elements of combat, it offers to the player a complex and deep combat experience like no other RPG classic combat system. This allows to create complex strategy scenearios without resign to a fluid ARPG/Hack 'n Slash deep combat. We need to choose correctly to be victorious.

But Theory Saga don't only offers a great combat system. It immerse you in a vast and detailed open world, with marvelous lore, unforgettable characters, grand interactivity and options, etc. We don't want to tell to the players a story. We want to the players to feel it.

We're working on an original soundtrack by a great talented compositor and writer, to be sure players enjoy in a magnificent world.

Project Theory Saga is now under development, but for the moment, we can't give more info. We only expect to bring news shortly about gameplay, story and soundtrack.

The story begins with a homeless guy , whose name is Rhando . The kid only companion is a doll, who
accompanied him since birth. One day , his doll disappears because of a man with a mask in the shape of bird's beak . Days after that incident , a lady appears wound, grabs the boy by the arm and leads him off. As they ran , the boy looked back and saw a beast that was chasing them , so that she cast a spell and managed to wriggle out of it .
On leaving the street, they found a pack of these beasts , who attacked , but managed to escape. They went into a kind of giant eagle .

While they were safe , she embraces the boy and tells him that it is his mother, Camiela, and the story about these creatures, Dormitantes , which are creatures from other worlds invoked and controlled by those weird men.

When they reach their destination , it meets his grandfather Kunnhet , who trained him for several years in the secret room of the family, in order to rescue the doll , which hides a big secret , that they prefer not reveal to him .

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