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Completion so far: The player starts with Gus and meets Felix. Can traverse the first town of the game (No name yet). Oli and airship hanger created, Oli has no graphic yet.

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This post celebrates the new ModDB profile.

I would like to open with positions availiable for development of the game:

  • Sprite Artist
  • Tile Set Artist
  • Animation Sheet Artist
  • Level Designer

Sprite artist is self-explanatory, tile sets are the graphics of the world, 32x32 tiles.
Animations are sheets of graphics that display in animations during battle (Attacks, spells, etc) or on map (As world effects).
Level designer, I do not need someone who has RPGVX, but someone who can draw dungeons on paper or MS Paint so I can quickly make maps without worrying too much on design.

As a report on progress:
Got the introductions of characters written up (Except for Fred), dialogue scripts have been written. Resources such as graphics are limiting production speed, so place-holders are being used.

That's about all to say today, there is a lot more that I will post in future.

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