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Here are some notes about mod setting

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This mod is about adventure and battle, as well as the existence of magic, so each camp has corresponding units that can use magic, such as magicians, priests, priests, magic warriors and so on.

Of course, some factions have stronger arms, and some factions have weaker arms. For example, Skware focuses on infantry and archers, while Meson’s Order focuses on heavy cavalry. The Forest Kingdom focuses more on melee infantry and magic, while the southern legions have both powerful offensive force and powerful magic. Their magic warriors have both powerful battlefield combat capabilities and unparalleled magic skills.

Not every camp has infantry, archer, cavalry, and mages. For example, pirates don’t have mages. They are only equipped with musketeers and some melee infantry.

Therefore, when choosing the faction arms, you must of course learn how to match different arms to maximize the battlefield effect. Of course, some factions are only needed for the plot and do not appear in the sandbox mode. This is especially clear.

We will provide two modes for players to experience, one is the plot mode and the other is the sandbox mode. The plot mode is mainly based on the plot. After the plot is over, it will automatically switch to the sandbox mode, and if you don’t want to waste in the plot Time, you can directly start the sandbox mode. But you cannot start both modes at the same time.

Online mode is mainly competition and cooperation, competition mainly uses some factions for confrontation, and cooperation requires cooperation between players to complete some tasks or specific levels.

Of course, players can also build their own servers and play games with friends according to their needs. Openness is our goal.

The other is the mod function. We will also provide some mod tools to facilitate players to create or modify existing plots and scripts.

Regarding the plot, to be honest, I am actually tired of the good ending plot. I hope to innovate the plot setting and create new types of plots. After all, there is more than good ending in this world.

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