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Update drop on Saturday! Info included! And a call to all artists willing to work only for the satisfaction and the love they will receive from me.

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Hey everyone!

The next version of WizardWizard will be dropped on Saturday;
Update will include:

  • 3 more levels, which are implemented now and are currently being beta tested
  • An introduction to WizardWizard's story
  • A new secret character + gamemode
  • A sneaky peak at a new enemy type
  • Wizard the Wizard's damsel in distress

To the artist folk!

I want to do a SNES style instruction manual for WizardWizard, giving backstory, characters, enemies and controls. I have no artistic ability but this is something I'm really interested in doing. If there are any willing artists that would want to do a couple of pieces of "fan"-art I'd really very much appreciate it, it can be in whatever style of your choosing and I'm sure I'll find a way of implementing it :D

And if you're reading this in 10 months time and a Instruction Manual still hasn't been made (likely) and you're still interested don't hesitate to message me! I'll still be here.

Lots of love, Crateboy

Gameplay of WizardWizard is here:

Play WizardWizard 1.9 Now!

WatchMasterAgrik - - 41 comments

What do you plan on using the fan art for?

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AstronautChef - - 38 comments

I can help, bro.

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Crateboy Author
Crateboy - - 59 comments

Hey all, I want to use the art for the cover and to scatter around the inside as well. So if you do something (and I'll love you lots for it) just throw it my way.
What ever style is awesome, variation would be fun :D

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