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Mickey Mouse, the lovable mouse from the Walt Disney cartoons joins the Coalition.

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""Awesome! Previously, Mickey Mouse was the only character from Super Mario MF to not make the roster of MKF. Rather than leave this classic character out, I decided to make an exception to the "video game only" rule and put this guy in. It was a successful implementation. Like a trip back in time, now all four original Super Mario MF characters are in MKF!

For MKF, Mickey will be a handicapped character. Obviously, from the video, he cannot use any powerups at all; he simply collects their point values. Originally, Mickey's spritework in Super Mario MF was from the Genesis Castle of Illusion game. Later, I decided to use Mickey's sprites from Capcom's Magical Quest for the SNES. So, in summary, Mickey will be a Mario-type character with an HP meter."

So... I guess this makes this "Mushroom Kingdom Hearts", eh? ;)

UPDATE: Take the first letter of each sentence in the above two paragraphs. Put them together. What does it spell? And how many lives does Mickey have most of the video?

Wiweeyum - - 347 comments

Wow, I'm not really sure what to make of this. WAY too much work put into it.

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Wiweeyum - - 347 comments

Though I must admit... after watching the entire thing, I'm pleasantly amused. That stage clear song warms the cockles of my soul. Prank or not, the quality is on par with the rest of your stuff. Well made.

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InStars - - 670 comments


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Sionfel - - 1,550 comments

it says april fools...

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MortRouge - - 14 comments

This would so own as an easter egg... Happy 1st april!

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Bird_of_Prey - - 1,616 comments

I have to agree. Watching those solders screen and run in terror from an over sized cartoon rodent is just too good to pass up.

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AlCool - - 3,112 comments

But it was posted March 31st!

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justgoaway - - 8,208 comments

This is a joke, right?

And happy 1st april!

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jetset125 - - 12 comments

I feel that there is something very wrong about letting mickey mouse wield a shotgun and a rocket launcher.

The mickey sprites look very familiar to that mickey platformer game for the SNES that was ballin' back when it came out.

Great work guys!

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awesomepossum - - 997 comments

How can there be fire underwater, it makes no sense! :P

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yardymothymus - - 148 comments

This cracked me up, but really, after you got him programmed enough to actually be in the game like this, why not keep him in?

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Yoshbot Author
Yoshbot - - 6 comments

He's just Mario with a few things removed and added, so he wasn't really hard to put into the game.

Besides, we don't really want to get in trouble with Disney.

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Kissaki - - 47 comments

About that "video game only" anyway:
I remember playing a game with mickey mouse on the Sega Mega Drive.

Ha, there you go:

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FusionTeam - - 14 comments

Mickey Mouse did not originate as a video game character. We do not put in characters that did not originate in video games.

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