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Hi everyone. Truly It's been week since we submit the game to steam greenlight before decide to post here, we announce quite late because the guy who help us make English translation gone busy we have no choice but decide to post the news by our self. you can expect my English in this article sound little crude but whatever.

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We glade to say the game now close to finish while our programmer still have several of glitch to fix at least I have some time to spend for improve game graphic specialize level background which personally still not satisfy me now we try to give it more layer and add some animation if possible.

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Me also consider to improve armor color of GAL.0 since the old one quite too much similar to Megaman truly I already try with different color but can't deny Blue is only color that fit to her the best some other may seem interesting but in the end better stick with blue and make up with some other color like yellow should be enough but truly we want to hear our fan opinion [If we had any lol].

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Even METAGAL take a lot of influence from Mega Man game specialize the classic one but not everything function in same way which might make you feel alien sometime.

- Weapon energy of METAGAL able to regenerate it self but it not only effect to your special weapons even your normal shot also cost energy spam too much bullet can end up with disaster.

- Our main weapon of GAL.0 [Player character] is "semi automatic" cannon which fire 3 bullet per round cost about 1 Energy per shot if player have low EN she might shoot only 1 bullet at time.

- Unfortunately doe we lack of man power and fund we can offer only 4 robot master type boss means player have only 5 special weapon to choose from but we try to design each of them practical as possible not just to deal damage to enemy in fancy way but also function as movement support.

- More like modern game Continue count in METAGAL is Unlimited which mean no "1Up" item but we have "Gear" item which allow player to re spawn at the last floor they killed instantly, Ok we never claim this feature will be any kind of innovation we only hope this feature to help people get into this kind of game easier.

- Other than special weapons gain from GAL series GAL.0 also can be upgrade by collect hidden item inside each stage to level up her basic ability make her become stronger.

- The game also show you score board when you finish each level.

We hope METAGAL to hit the store in this Q2 2016 the game price will be 3.99$ and if the game sell enough we also plan for upgrade with extra content for free at least to allow the game longer about 50-100%.

If you come to read this mean you interesting in our game.
Thank you to everyone who support us and hope we can success on greenlight.

METAGAL Developer.

Help us get greenlit!

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