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An update on the status of the mod, and a link on how and why we're asking for donations!

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We're looking for 3D Modellers to help out! If you're interested in supporting this project, then all you need to do is sign up at our forums. Thanks!

Hello everyone!

Before I begin on the status of the mod, the ME:TA Dev Team would like to let you all know that you can now donate to the mod. Full information on why we need donations, and how to donate, are at the following link:

or you can skip right to donating: (we'll love you forever!)

Remember, this is just from your goodwill, we don't feel that "selling" the mod would be the right thing to do. We will, however, say thank you to you in the credits, for helping to support this mod! It also means our website, forums and the mod itself can stay advertisement free!

Now, onto the mod!

We've invited some members of the community to take part in our "pre-alpha" test of the mod. It's not feature complete, it's very buggy, and crashes a fair bit. We're using their bug reports and feedback to improve the mod as much as possible before we move onto beta.

The beta testers will be chosen by random from a list of people who sign up at the following link:
Metadev.co (beta signups!)

Depending how many sign ups we get, we'll pick either 10 or 20 people to be given beta tester status. The closing date for beta sign ups is Sunday 26th, 23:59PM GMT.
If we don't have enough people, we'll extend it another week.

To peak your interest, here are some buggy pre-alpha screenshots of the mod for you to enjoy ;)

As you can see, it's chaos! :D

After the beta tests, which we expect to last a week (maybe 2), we'll release a public version for everyone to enjoy!
We're using this "Demo" as a way of testing ourselves, to make sure we're able to follow up on bugs and errors in our work, and that we're actually able to put out a high quality mod :P So far so good! :D

If you'd like to chat to us, you're welcome to join our forum (www.forum.metadev.co) and say hello, or start chatting in one of our threads on the official SPG2 forum, on the Steam forums :)

Thanks for reading!
The ME:TA Dev Team

DonnieBrasco - - 22 comments

That Normandy looks sweeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeet! Thumbs up to everyone who's modelled it :) maybe a shot with a more close-up camera? :)

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