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Let's take a close look at the latest feature coming to Megopoly, Advisors!

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Hello friends and fellow Megopolists!

Today’s patch is coming with a MAJOR reveal, the introduction of a new type of collectable card called Advisors!

Advisors are almost like another character assisting the player as they navigate different cities. Some Advisors will add bonuses to income earned from buildings while others can upgrade dice. As Advisors level up, they will grant stronger bonuses to players in various ways. Five Advisors are currently live in Megopoly, along with a ton of new resources and UI updates to showcase the latest additions to the game.

Let’s take a look at our Advisors and how they add a whole new level of gameplay to Megopoly.

Megopoly Advisor Fluffy

First up is Fluffy. This bundle of positivity and wholesomeness is the first uncommon card to be added to Megopoly and currently is the highest rarity card in the game. Fluffy has three abilities, two passive and one that can be activated.

Fluffy’s first passive ability changes a single die into a Double Dice, giving players a chance to move farther than before. His second passive ability reduces the amount of time players need to wait for their dice refresh countdown to end. Fluffy’s active ability refreshes all the dice in the dice tray.

Here’s a look at what each ability does at its max level.

Passive: Change 2 dice to Double Dice

Passive: -30 seconds to the dice refresh timer

Active: A dice refresh can be activated once every 11 hours

The first common Advisor we have is Marge, she’s a kindly lady who runs all sorts of great diners. Since she’s a common advisor, Marge only has one ability. She grants Restaurant properties a boost to income.

Passive: Grant Restaurant properties a +15% income speed boost, helping players reach their income cap faster

Next up is Big Jim. This beefy worker makes even the hardest job a piece of cake. With Jim’s ability, players will see their Factory properties gain a bonus to income.

Passive: Grant Factory properties a +15% income speed boost, helping players reach their income cap faster

The third common Advisor coming to Megopoly is Nurse Li. As the nurse with the best bedside manner in any city, Nurse Li grants players a boost to their Hospital income.

Passive: Grant Hospital properties a +15% income speed boost, helping players reach their income cap faster

Krista is the final common Advisor coming to Megopoly. Krista can turn any latte into a work of art, and with her skills she grants players more income from their Coffee properties.

Passive: Grant Coffee properties a +15% income speed boost, helping players reach their income cap faster

Speaking of common and uncommon Advisors, there are more than just two rarities in Megopoly. Future updates will introduce higher rarity Advisors with even stronger abilities. Here’s the full list of rarities coming to the game:

  • Common (Max level of 5)
  • Uncommon (Max level of 10)
  • Rare (Max level of 15)
  • Ultra-Rare (Max level of 20)
  • Legendary (Max level of 25)

With higher rarities, Advisors will have more unique and stronger abilities. To gain the most benefits from your advisors, players will need to upgrade them using credits and resources they collect from their investments.

Advisor abilities only affect the city that they are assigned to. If a player wishes to change an advisor after assigning them to a city, there will be a cooldown where the advisor goes on vacation. After all that hard work they’ve earned it!

Along with the new collectable card type coming to Megopoly, players will also find plenty of new resources to collect and items to use. Building Permits are the primary resource players use to upgrade buildings and with the latest release, six new Advisor-specific resources will be added to the game. These resources are:

  • Company Uniform (Common)
  • To-Do List (Common)
  • Comfy Shoes (Common)
  • Free Snacks! (Uncommon)
  • Self-Help Books (Uncommon)
  • Subway Tokens (Uncommon)

Resources also have various levels of rarity, from Common to Legendary, with corresponding stars to let players know what they collect.

With all these fantastic additions to Megopoly, we hope that players will discover a whole new level of gameplay. Now go! Explore the cities, check out Advisors and all they do and, put them to good use!

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