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Article about long-awaited Mainland update that we have been working on for the past three years.

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Dear players

The long-awaited Mainland update has now been completed.
Over the last months of the test server, we discovered and repaired most of the bugs thanks to the hard work of testers who helped speed up the work of our developers. We would like to thank all the players who did help us with the test server, therefore the most active testers will receive a small reward for their contribution.

All the content was created from scratch, it wasn't rushed and we paid attention to every detail so that the content and exploration would evoke excitement in every adventurer. The continent is filled with secrets and hidden treasures that you will certainly come across during your journey. Due to the development of the world and game as well as the world's increase in size, we have added new creatures that inhabit the depths of the new lands. This is the biggest update Medivia has ever had and we are overjoyed that together with you we've been able to shape the game to our and your liking. We have waited for months with the release with the purpose of making sure everything was perfect.

Behold the new mainland!

It has been decided that the update will be released on 31st of July, 2020, right after the server save. It will surely take a few hours to implement, so please be aware of that.
In order to log into the game server, you will need to download a new client version from the website. It will be available under the Download section.
Also, all characters will be moved to corresponding temples.

Player owned houses

All players who own houses located in cities other than Novus, Abukir, Osaris, Yehsha, Icenhaal and Garrogat (and Cirone) will lose their ownership.
Players who will lose their VIP house will be refunded.


It is impossible to mention everything that has been changed so we did our best to pick the most important ones.
This update brings the following changes:

• Completely new mainland
• Generic improvements to AI of all monsters
• Archini, Grim, White Light factions
• New spell names
• Many new items for every class
• New monsters for low, medium and high leveled players
• New bosses
• NPC Icons indicating quest status
• Beds are now walkable
• Poison Storm spell has been removed and in its place 4 variations of Elemental Shield spell were added
• Mana Absorb attribute can now be used by sorcerers and clerics only
• Amount of undead creatures on the lowest level of Caverns of Madness and Chambers of Tortures was slightly reduced
• Bonus speed of enchanted witches broom has been reduced to 40
• Successfully opening or closing doors using keychain now displays what key number does match the door
• Bankers will now exchange all of your gold coins to platinum coins.
• Warlocks and Tar Priests are stronger now
• Tar Priest's average loot value has been slightly decreased
• Added guard NPCs in every city, that will mark some of the most important locations in the city
• Mittenhoff cannot be chosen as a starter city
• Grazlin can now craft multiple items at once
• Burst arrow formula changed (maxDmg = level/3 + magLevel^(4/3))
• Light Magic Missile and Intense Healing Runes can now be conjured by free account players
• Widened all of the tight areas in the white rose tomb (abomination spawn) by 1 sqm
• Equalized all of the spawn timers within the Forgula Catacombs
• Made the way within the shadow drake spawn a bit more challenging and less rewarding
• Amount of undead creatures on the first two floors of the Serpentine Tomb was slightly reduced
• Made a small shortcut near the exit of Icenhaal
• Made changes to the route from Abukir to PoA to avoid noob characters from blocking it
• Gieffrin is much stronger now.
• And many, many more

Game client
• HD sprites
• New minimap
• New character list
• New game fonts
• New questlog
• Auto update
• Built-in spellbook
• Enhanced VIP list
• Optional on error or timeout auto reconnect
• Optional new attack/select box around the creature
• Optional frames around items with attributes
• Optional extra left panel
• Optional extra top-left and top-right panels for an extended view of e.g. minimap
• 64-bit built only (Medivia does no longer support 32-bit systems)
• Removed both OpenGL 1/2 and DirectX 9 rendering engines in favor of new ones
• Added advanced SokolGP rendering engine (DirectX 11, OpenGL 3.3 or Metal is used depending on the underlying system)
• Added SDL2 and Blend2D rendering engines for low-end computers or to use without hardware graphics card
• Game client is now 64-bit built only
• Step lag compensation for players with higher ping
• Perfect angle rotation for missiles
• NPC pop-up window for certain actions
• Light flickering for static objects (e.g. a torch on the wall)
• A lot of optimizations for the better and smoother gaming experience

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i actually can't believe my eyes. all this and not a single mention of tibia?

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