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Masterspace v2.4 has been released, introducing a new soundtrack as well as an improved system for character customization.

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Masterspace v2.4 has been released, introducing a completely new soundtrack composed by Roland La Goy. The soundtrack consists of 10 in-game tracks, as well as a new main theme, and is composed in an Early-Electronic style. Most feedback has been very positive and the music fits well with the general style of the game.

This update also provides an updated character customization system, including a lot of new equipment as well as the possibility to customize facial features. To be more in line with the Masterspace setting, which mixes primitive technology with science fiction, a new range of medieval themed equipment has been added.

Masterspace v2.4 Preview Masterspace v2.4 Preview

There has been conflicting feedback form the community about the frequency of meteorites, number of storage slots and the possibility of permanent death, etc. To remedy this, I have decided to split the game into three different difficulty levels, which may now be set in the frontend. Hopefully, this will allow players with different tastes to enjoy the game. An overview of the different difficulty levels is listed below:


  • Mostly the same as the gameplay in previous versions.
  • Permanent death is not possible. Inventory items are lost if you respawn without any valid respawn points left, such as a bed or teleporter.
  • No disasters, such as meteorites, on the start planet.


  • Permanent death is not possible. Inventory items are never lost if you respawn.
  • No disasters on any planet.
  • Storage containers and inventory size are 10 times larger.
  • Faster construction time.


  • Permanent death if no respawn points are available. Inventory items lost on respawn.
  • Disasters on all planets.
  • Storage containers and inventory are half the size.
  • Slower construction time.
  • Starts with a pickaxe only.

Another new feature is saving of client data in multiplayer, which means that the inventory and allocated perks are saved until the next connection. Any new perk points from the team will be awarded retroactively.

New items include new upgrade levels for the shovel, as well as a tool for quickly making tunnels without gaining any resources. Production may now also be reversed in most objects and tooltips have been added for the materials in all crafting menus. Finally, a lot of bugs have been fixed along with the implementation of new minor features. For a complete changelog, please see below.

Download the free version here:
Masterspace v2.4

To upgrade to the full version, download and install this unlocker. Please note that you need to apply this unlocker even if you have unlocked a previous version, as the unlockers are version specific.


New features:

  • New original soundtrack by Roland La Goy
  • New main theme and ten in-game tracks
  • New player model with lots of new equipment
  • Difficulty levels: Casual, Normal and Hardcore
  • New tools: Tunneler, Quality Shovel and Master Shovel
  • Production may now be reversed in most objects
  • Item tooltips in construction and production menus added
  • Saving of client data in multiplayer

Bug fixes:

  • Fixed perk point reset bug
  • Fixed water in space bug
  • Fixed inventory bug in editor
  • Fixed Deflectors to lower meteorite frequency
  • Fixed glass deposition
  • Editor mode is now functional in multiplayer
  • Fixed sell resources for client
  • Fixed network sync of planet rotation

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