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Masterspace v2.3 has been released, introducing a lot of new creatures, as well as a perk-based research system.

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Masterspace v2.3 has been released, introducing a lot of new creatures. This includes tiger humanoids, hydras and basilisks on the ground, as well as terrifying dragons that dominate the skies. This update also introduces a new class of stationary mobs, such as monster mushrooms and man-eating plants. New terrestrial animals have also been added, including giraffes and elephants. Additionally, all creatures are now procreating over time.

Masterspace v2.3 Preview Masterspace v2.3 Preview
Masterspace v2.3 Preview Masterspace v2.3 Preview
Masterspace v2.3 Preview

The perk system has been completely revised and now includes a lot of upgrades related to research. This means that most of the craftable objects are not available from the start of the game and requires research to be unlocked. The perks are still connected mainly to the culture system, which means that increasingly advanced and large buildings must be erected in order to progress.

Masterspace v2.3 Preview

Finally, a lot of bugs have been fixed along with the implementation of new minor features, including an improved siege scenario. For a complete changelog, please see below.

Download the free version here:
Masterspace v2.3

To upgrade to the full version, download and install this unlocker. Please note that you need to apply this unlocker even if you have unlocked a previous version, as the unlockers are version specific.

New features:

  • New creatures: Hydra, Basilisk, Dragon and Saber
  • New plants: Elongata and Megashroom
  • New animals: Elephant and Giraffe
  • Creatures are now procreating
  • A lot of new perks related to research


  • Most objects now needs to be researched to be constructed
  • New Bomb Maker model
  • Added setting to change maximum building size
  • Added setting to manually set the number of active threads
  • Improved Siege scenario
  • Removed negative culture base value per building
  • Increased perk points per level from 2 to 5

Bug fixes:

  • Fixed crash in world generation
  • Forced team selection to be a number
  • Improved animation smoothness for NPCs
  • Fixed perks not working on spherical planets
  • Fixed Light Fixture crash
  • Fixed respawn on spaceship bug
  • Fixed crash in water simulation
  • Reduced slowdown over time
  • Fixed golem attack animation
  • Fixed bug with digging particles
  • Fixed resource ball drop bug
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