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The Master of Realms forums are up and running, feel free to browse through it and post your thoughts and give comments on several subjects!

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The Master of Realms forums are up for everyone to view.
You may post in it if you have questions or comments or anything else you need to say.
Currently in the forums we have a topic in the MOR - Showcase which will show all of the weapon concepts. In the showcase sub-forum we will also be putting up newer concepts for characters and NPC's made by us. I will also be making a few topics which organize the pictures by character and their progress updates, all in 1 post! This way you can view the steps we took to make the characters.
In the MOR - History you can read stories about the history of this game, this way you will have a slight idea as to how the characters in the game 'became what they are'. There is currently 1 story, the story of the History of the Ravenwood Region.
In the MOR - Discussion you can talk about the game and what you think of it so far, or you can give suggestions for the game.
In MOR - News we will be putting up the weekly news and other news.
In MOR - Off Topic you can talk about anything you want... but just keep it appropriate ;) So no swearing, insulting others or stuff like that.

So... what are you waiting for? Go to the forums and start posting!

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