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This month we worked on the engine, adding even more depth to the game.

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Unfortunately we only have some menu screenshots to show you this month because we worked on the engine exclusively these past thirty days. This was necessary and as a result we have a couple of brand new features to unveil to you in this month's update!

New Items
We added many new items to the game this month, bringing the total number of different kinds of items to forty. Many of these are new Alchemy ingredients, most of which can be procured in the wilderness, but there are a few special items, such as the Stone of Invisibility!


Possibly one of the better features for bringing depth to the game is our new system to make something new out of two (or more) other items. It also adds a non-violent way to make money into the game, although we do have plans for more options for pacifist play.
We have not developed the system fully yet as we still need to add recipe books to the game. However, the coding for the Alchemy system has been developed and is ready to be adapted into recipes. In order to perform Alchemy, you need to have a Mortar & Pestle, an Empty Bottle, and two or more other ingredients.

Plant Replacement
Because of the new ingredients and Alchemy system we had to spend quite a large amount of time replacing most of the plants already in the game with ones that could be picked up. This took longer than expected and is still not completely finished, although most plants are now converted.

Picking Mushrooms

Price Change and Quest Pay
Two new features which encourage you to work on your luck and finance skills are a Price Change and Quest Pay system.
The Price Change system changes the price of all items you can buy from a shop based on your finance skill level. The prices are decreased by 10% for every ten points you have in that skill.
The pay system works in much the same way, except that you get a percentage increase in the amount of money you get for completing quests that is exactly the same as your finance skill (i.e. 14% increase for 14 finance skill points).
We have yet to work in the luck skill to both these systems, but by the time we've finished, luck should affect everything in a small way.

New Shop

Sneaking and Bandits
We have vastly improved bandit encounters now. We have now worked in the sneaking system to the bandit encounter script which means that you can now sneak past them without being noticed!
We also fixed a major bug in which the bandits would keep attacking the player if he managed to escape or gave into their demands and gave them all his gold.
The bandits will now detect if the player has any money. If not, and the player offers them his money, they will be insulted and attack.
Another addition to the sneak system is a very expensive item (15000 gold) which will render you almost invisible (see screenshot above). When this is enabled, you still have to be in sneak mode for it to work.

Next Month...
We hope to be adding some more quests soon and possibly a few more maps.
That's all the news for this month, but there will be another update next month.

PeeWee_89 - - 241 comments

Never seen this before, but I will definitely track this! Looks great!

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JustDaveIsFine - - 1,545 comments

Its does look very interesting. I haven't played something like this in ages.

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