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Post news RSS Making Rktcr Levels: The Basics

Rktcr 3.1, which is currently percolating through distribution channels, has level editing support. This tutorial will guide you through the basics. (Video and Text versions available.)

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Rktcr 3.1's level editing support allows anyone to make and share challenge levels. However, the editor is a morass of undocumented keys and hidden UI. Or perhaps it's better to say it is streamlined and designed for rapid use by skilled practitioners.

Regardless, it seemed like a good idea to produce a series of tutorials to explain its use. In the first of these, I explain how to start Rktcr in editing mode and how to create a portal, gem, and platform.

A text version of this tutorial, including more details about how to start Rktcr in editing mode on non-Windows platforms and a handy list of common commands is available here.

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