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Time for an update from the artistic corner. “Flip” has been creating some amazing stuff with his paintbrush: The graphical user interface of Schein is almost finished!

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Posted in Graphics | Jan 28, 2014 | by Philip Kasper

Hello dear readers of the Schein–Blog.
The project progresses and with long strides we are proudly marching towards Beta. In the last weeks my tasks included redesigning the graphical user interface (GUI), drawing a world map and texturing some “obstacles” which you will encounter throughout the game.

In this picture you can see some sketches for the GUI concept.


The plan is to change the appearance of the menu depending on the active light.


The world map in particular was a lot of fun to make, since I could move quite freely. My first idea was a map in the style of “The Lord of the Rings” and “World of Warcraft” and this was readily accepted by my colleagues.


Of course there’s still more parts to the map, but we didn’t want to spoil you all just yet.

Guest - - 699,731 comments

The GUI looks nice but it's very hard to see text and i feel like it will clutter the menus. Sometimes going simpler is better as it helps with usability for players and can make menus look cleaner.

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monkey_king_studio - - 11 comments

Hey dude, nice trick !
As graphist i just want to ask if it a downloadable brushes or custom ones ?


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