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We meant for Cogs to be moddable from the start. Here is the finished documentation and tutorials.

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We've been talking from the get-go about the fact that we left Cogs totally open for user created content. In fact all the dev tools we have shipped with the game, mostly built right into the executable. The only thing we had left to do was, you know, explain how the hell you use them.

Well that was fixed yesterday morning when Rob finally had a chance to finish up the documentation. I spent most of yesterday afternoon reading through it and making sure that even an artist like me with little coding know-how could understand it. Hopefully I succeeded, if not then please by all means get on our forum, post questions here, or email us.

First up is a brief tutorial that will walk you through making a new puzzle by stripping down the code of an official one. You can open up any of the puzzles shipped with the game in a text editor and copy-and-paste whatever you need.

The guts of the puzzle file format is then broken down into fine detail in this article:

And then a short breakdown of the one file needed to make your custom puzzles show up in the game:

And of course if you don't have the game you can download it now from Steam or Direct2Drive, or get the free demo and find out more at CogsGame.com. ;)

Happy modding, be sure and post what you create!

Coconutdoobie - - 1,066 comments

That is sick! Nice work guys

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PhyOS - - 233 comments

Nice. I think I'll end buying the game :)

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jeffr - - 383 comments

Awesome, nice work. :)

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