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Let's fall right into autumn this year with a sneak peak at a major 001 Game Creator update which will be coming out to the public soon, plus various exciting new stuff!

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Let's fall right into autumn this year with a sneak peak at a major 001 Game Creator update which will be coming out to the public soon, plus various exciting new stuff!

New Beta Version on Patreon!

Currently, you can get early beta access to the latest update of 001 Game Creator by becoming a member of our Patreon community. Some significant additions include the long awaited HTTPS support, "Smooth Scaling" option to font resources, an increased Android API version to 31, and many many more.

We're very excited to finally be bringing to your game projects the ability to utilize HTTPS! With HTTPS support finally being implemented for 001 Game Creator, many possibilities open up such as using online services, web/app integrations, IAPs, being able to access all sorts of web APIs such as Twitch, Steam Web API, etc.

If you want to get access to the latest versions of 001 Game Creator and try these awesome upcoming features for your self, please consider supporting us on Patreon: SoftWeir Patreon

First Game Recipe Video Adaptation Released!

Game Recipe Video

Our first game recipe video has just been released! In case you missed our past announcements, lately we've been working on a new video series where we're making video renditions of our existing game recipes. You can watch the first one on our Youtube channel: Game Recipe #1 - Simple Flashlight

This is something new we're doing so we appreciate any feedback you have on it!

Easy Game Creator Released on Steam!


Easy Game Creator is a derivation of 001 Game Creator which allows anyone with a mouse and keyboard to easily create a video game to share with friends and family. This project was primarily handled by our team of beta testers and template creators using 001 Game Creator. It has uncovered countless bugs and issues with 001 throughout it's development and will serve as a means to further improve 001 in the years to come!

Choose the Easy Game Creator and make some of the most memorable memories for you and your loved ones! Easy Game Creator on Steam

We are using Early Access to better understand which customization options we need to prioritize first, as current customization options are fairly limited. We will also be utilizing community feedback to help prioritize which features and customization options matter the most to our users!

If you have ideas on what you want to see in Easy Game Creator please send your feedback here:
Get in touch for Easy Game Creator

We would love to hear about the themes, gameplay and anything else that's important to you. Feel free to include written ideas, screenshots or even gameplay prototypes! We greatly appreciate any and all feedback you have.

HUGE things coming down the line...

Easy Game Creator is not where we'll be stopping. Even bigger similar projects are being worked on in the background. We are very much looking forward to the day that we'll finally be able to officially announce them; but for the time being, we've created a roadmap to give you a small idea of what you can expect in the near and far future regarding our projects: 001 Feature Roadmap

Thank you to our supporters!

We can't thank you enough for having made all of this possible. From our Patreon members, to our translators, and the entire community as a whole! All of your feedback has helped us to improve our products and service throughout the years. As such, thank you! We hope the community and Patreon members grow to the point when we can release webinars in the future! If you're not part of our Patreon community yet and would like to support us and get many benefits in return, consider signing up: SoftWeir Patreon


Autumn Sale

Fall right into autumn this year with a discount of 001 Game Creator at 60% off and all of your favorite DLCs for up to 30% off until November 29th! Jump-start your dream project this autumn!
001 Standalone

On behalf of everyone on the whole team, we wish you a majestic and cozy autumn full of creativity!

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