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Project Icarus has been a fun little starter but A larger project of mine is beginning to need some attention. In a few days I will be taking this page down and replacing it with the new "Project Almera" Details below.

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Project Icarus was going to be a simple game about You 'Zoe' In a sci-fi city trying to unravel the mystery of a document called Project-Icarus you found on the web, along side trying to live your normal day to day life either as a crime fighter, office worker or notorious criminal.

Project Icarus has been discontinued but its mechanic's and general design will continue into its predecessor 'Project Almera'

Project Almera will take place in my envisioned Alternate future of the popular Half Life 2 series.
Exact details are not yet available but here are some solids.

You will play as your very own customized character as you explore the galaxy and discover your place among the stars. Will you aid the Terran Lance, and help mankind banish the combine forces from their home? Or will you join the Aquarion armada's and become a galactic peacekeeper. Perhaps your roots will settle with the ancient Arcadians and their Ion based technologies.

No matter what you choose, The entirety of the galaxy is open to you weather you journy to Gaia Station in Sol or IosisPrime, captial world of the Aquarions, The game will develop as Me and my friend's Text Roleplay continues to play out.

Remember that Project Icarus has been a great test bed for some experimental features but its time to work on the big project now. I'll get some more information up soon.

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