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I wrote a story which you guys can know this mod better

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This world was originally without human beings, or even nothing. It was not until the gods defeated the great evil god and created the heavens and the earth and human beings before all things began to multiply and live.

There are two continents on an unknown planet. The northern one is called Batavia and the southern one is called Skware. About 10 million years ago, the southern continent was inhabited by humans.

There is an ocean between the southern continent and the northern continent called the Liadors Sea. Due to the barrier of the ocean, humans in the southern continent have been unable to go north and enter the northern continent.

At this time, in another time and space, the Crusaders and Muslims fought desperately in Jerusalem, but with the rise of the King of God, they led the Muslims to defeat the army of the Crusaders. One of the crusaders lost their way in the storm on the return journey and came to the northern continent.

There was no human activity in the northern continent at this time, so wild beasts and other creatures thrived. The Crusaders survived in this dangerous environment. Because their commander was called Meson, this force was called Meson’s Order.

Under the leadership of Mason, the Crusaders gradually gained a foothold on the northern continent, so they began to use their experienced sailing skills to explore other places.

After many efforts, the Crusaders finally set foot on the land of the southern continent. At first, the Crusaders and the Southerners got along very harmoniously, but then the conflict between the two sides became more and more serious, and the two sides broke out many wars with casualties.

As time passed, the human tribes of the south finally united and established a powerful Skware empire. The empire and the Crusaders fought many key battles.

At the same time, some fishermen in the depths of the sea, while mastering advanced navigation techniques, also united and established a huge pirate organization to fight against these two camps. Humans evading wild beasts from the northern forest established the Bucknauer Knights to fight against the Crusaders, and the entire planet was caught in the flames of war.

When the Northern Continent was in a melee, the situation in the Southern Continent was not good. The ambitious magician Reagan established his own magic army in an attempt to fight the empire’s army.

Reagan was originally a magician in the imperial court, but because he was addicted to the practice of dark magic, he was reported by others and was detained by the imperial prison. He was subjected to many tortures in the imperial prison. Therefore, he was very dissatisfied with the behavior of the empire, so he gathered some people who were dissatisfied with the empire to start a war and established his own country.

The empire assembled a large number of troops in an attempt to suppress Reagan and his supporters, but was defeated by its magic army. His approach was imitated by some pro-Crusade nobles, which accelerated the disintegration of the empire. Until Empress Irina defeated various rebel forces with the help of several Paladins and reunited the empire.

However, the situation changed after the death of Irina. The new emperor was indulged in entertainment and ignored government affairs, which led to the ruin of the imperial government and weakened national power. The Northern Powerful Crusaders saw the opportunity and immediately organized a large number of army invasions. The weak empire was unable to resist the invasion of the Crusaders and eventually became a colony of the Crusaders.

After a few more decades, the nobles of the empire recaptured Skware from the crusaders, but the glory of the empire was gone forever. Ten years later, the empire finally came to the end of its life. A scholar led a peasant uprising against the empire. This uprising eventually overthrew the rule of the empire and established a republic.

After the establishment of the new republic, Skware finally ushered in a chance for revival, and its national strength began to strengthen. At the same time, it signed a rare peace agreement with the crusaders in the north, ending hundreds of years of melee.

But there is not much time left for mankind.

The endless killing and revenge of human society eventually made the gods lose their patience. Although the New Republic and the Crusades ended the Hundred Years War, the nerves decided to terminate human civilization after the meeting.

Therefore, Holland, the son of the gods, established the headquarters of the holy warrior in the southern part of Skware, and the daughter of the gods, Melalana, led the army of beasts in the northern forest and established the Kingdom of Moldavia, and Melalana became The Queen of the Forest.

A war to end human civilization has begun.

Morant in the south led a powerful holy warrior to attack the new republic, while Melalanna, the queen of the forest in the north, used her magic to transform the beast into a powerful warrior. This army of beasts went south to attack the Crusaders and other human kingdoms.

Moldavian troops went south and quickly defeated the Crusaders and their allies, and Morant’s jihadist legion also conquered the capital of the New Republic. These troops destroyed humanity and human civilization wherever they went.

The surviving humans moved to an island in the sea with the help of pirates

But in the end, a huge tsunami swept across the planet, and all the continents and islands sank to the bottom of the sea, with no survivors.

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