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This Is The Lore Of The Du´hhlin Empire. enjoy ;)

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The Du`hhlin are a race that hate things that have no order and they have very high advanced technology.

Athough they arent very powerfull they have some advancements:

1.They dont need any Generators because theyr Command Module generates more than enough energy.

2.Every Hull Bock provides some space to store resources.

3.they have a massive terretory with many ships this is why they call them selfs an Empire.

They also have an enemie The Krazz Empire.

the Krazz Empire also hates things that are not in an order but they are at war with The Du`hhlin Empire.

theres also a 3rd faction The Confederacy of united Factions of Orion alpha.

you decide for wich side you battle and who will win the war.

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