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The demo's fallback date is approaching fast and while there have been some setbacks, I'm doing my best not to miss this one - it's gonna be close! Check out what I've been up to!

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Okay, so I haven't posted in a while, both because I've been hard at work and because I've been sick and sleeping during the hours when it made sense to post (namely: daytime). So what have I been doing while becoming the very kind of undead hero that my game is about?


Here's another little WIP as far as the Frozen Altar at the start of the game:


Anyway, I've also released a new track from the game. Some of you may have already heard it, but if not, take a listen!

Plus there's still some sprite work to get done, so I'm all over that:


She's in your Hell, releasin' all your souls. ;)

It's been really fun, but also really challenging. I'm very happy with the way that the game is turning out, but I did basically lose today to hunting down a frame rate issue. Unfortunately Flash is very very finicky about frame rates and it all basically depends on your CPU. I'm trying my best to optimize the code/assets so that the game is always running smoothly at 30 FPS, but it may be a little wonky for the demo on some machines. I'm going to do my best once the demo is all done and out the door to go back and refine it, so don't worry - I'm not just dropping it and running! :D Right now it's running JUUUUST smooth enough that I'm willing to say it's okay, but I can only check it on so many machines, so I apologize if you experience any issues. If you do, please don't hesitate to tell me, but know that I'm working on some solutions. Since this is my first real flash game it's a big learning experience.

So that's pretty much what I can tell you! A few setbacks that could delay some stuff, a few giant leaps forward that make me think I'll make it. It's anybody's guess right now! Other than this, people seem to enjoy photos of the process so I have added an Instagram account (for quick posts when I don't have time to write!). If you're on instagram just check out SilhouetteGames!

Hopefully this has been enough of an update to keep you all excited! Thank you again for watching and visiting and I hope you enjoy the game when it's finally out!

NOW BACK TO WORK!!! *whip whip*


nice gifs!

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iamshadow64 Author

Thanks, Henry! It's certainly getting there! Only a few more days to go. Unfortunately the sickness overtook me a bit this morning and I accidentally slept from about 7am to 5pm! O_O Lost a few hours but I should be able to get them back! (The night before was 7am to 10am, so I guess things balance out, eh?)

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