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link-dead is a follow-up to the succesful 2d multiplayer shooter Soldat made by Michal Marcinkowski.

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link-dead: adj.

[MUD] The state a player is in when they kill their connection to a MUD without leaving it properly.

The Jargon File

This game has been actually created in Valhalla thousands of years ago by Odin, the god of war himself. Mighty viking warriors used to train on this game before riding into battle to slay their enemies, to conquer their homeland and to make slaves of their women. This game brought the viking men pride and fame and thanks to it they reached eternal glory and now live in Valhalla. Now I’m bringing it back for you mortals to play it! Odin has blessed me and guides me in the process of creating the best game ever made! This game will rock, it will make a Man out of you, it will kick your fucken ass!!


link-dead is about…
and ultimately about war

General mechanics and side-view will be the same as in Soldat.
Gameplay will be very realistic, much more slow-paced than Soldat, team tactics will be key in this game. No jet boots for traveling. Players will have to use their environment and machines for movement: doors, elevators, ladders, pads, flying machines and vehicles.

gameplay and setting

Not so distant future. A war has begun, between men and machines, both in cyber-space and in the real world. The player takes part in this struggle as a soldier or hacker.

Two teams fight each other. Both are located in underground bases. The surface world will be a post-apocalyptic setting, it reminds us of Terminator: Future Shock/SkyNet.
Each map consists of the underground and the outerworld. The outerworld is where mainly robots fight. It will be possible to control robots, droids, terminators, gun turrets, drones, sentry guns etc. They will be controllable via computer terminals located in the underground bases. It will be possible to hack these terminals; hack into the enemy network, open vaults and doors, move elevators, disable sentry guns and gain command over the enemy robots!

Avenger2150 - - 496 comments

Nice will it be Single Player ?
the story isn't very original
but still neat !

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