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LimesEditor can be used to create unique locations.

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Endless landscape repeating and typical. But not visible to the player.

This method can be used to create unique locations.


LimesEditor v. 0.0.4

File preparation. (File required BMP).

Open folder Data/lsEdit

Open “Template plane2 R65.psd” (template).

GIMP or Ps.

Attention! Do not edit 3-5 pixels from the edge.

1. Create layer. Calculated heights in file “description of heights En.tga”.

2. Save this file as BMP: editls.bmp . Replacing the existing file in folder: Data/lsEdit.

Run LimesEditor.exe.

Key TAB.

Button “Calculate”. Wait.

If all OK, button Change.

Territory will change.

Changes in the current territory of 9 sq. km

Build LimsEditor


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