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Huge announcement! The final bug in Kitty has been fixed! Game now compatible on all windows computers!!

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The most incredible thing as just happened to me and words cannot describe how happy I am right now! :)

As some of you may already know, I've spent the last few years developing KITTY. I've put so much love and effort into this game by personally hand crafting everything and trying my hardest to create an experience that truly represents me, my creativity, and my imagination. It has been a huge passion of mine and literally my life for years. I have devoted every single day to try and deliver a truly unique experience for players.

But something unfortunate had happened to my game a couple months back that almost ruined all of my hard work and progress. The main lighting code (something that really adds to the whole experience and is prevalent in all the rooms) wasn't working on every computer (Especially gaming computers! The major demographic!). This glitch/issue would freeze the game completely, as soon as the game started, and players would have to force quit the game right away! It was extremely disheartening to me that I couldn't show all my hard work to my friends and game testers.

I really thought I was either going to have to cancel the game, or have to painstakingly spend another year coding a different lighting system while having to replace every individual light source. The whole situation seemed like a catastrophe, but I forced myself to never give up! I faced many problems in the past with my game, but I always pulled through!

For the past few months, I spent every night to try and break down the lighting code bit by bit while analyzing/narrowing down the main source of the problem. I searched far and wide on the internet for solutions to this problem, but sadly I couldn't find any answers.

That was.... Until today! That's right! After months of trying to solve this conundrum, I was finally able to figure out just what exactly was causing the problem with the lighting! And now that this problem is fixed, the game is OFFICIALLY compatible with all Windows computers!!! This also means, I can sell my game once I have completed it! But what's even more thrilling, is that this was the final bug I had with my game! The self made engine is now glitch free, and I can just create levels without worrying about any more bugs!

Truly an amazing day it is today, no more anxiety or sleepless nights about my game. I am super pleased that I was able to fix this issue! I have so many ideas from my little creative journal that I am ready to make into a reality! Wish me luck! And thank you for all your support! It's time to get working on KITTY!!! Stay tuned for future updates!!!


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