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A retro stage has been finished. Read the post to find out what stage, and what game it refers to.

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Hello, I'm JDogindy, a Fusion Team "Level Designer" (as in a person who builds levels, not coding enemies and scenarios), and I'm proud to say that I have finally finished one of my most-anticipated stages right now: World 7-Secret 2, a stage called "Anciena Pyramid".

First, let me explain this: Sonic's Universe isn't limited to Sonic levels, as it allows you to create stages fit from other Sega games. Now, take a look at the image below, as it'll remind you of what game the stage is referencing:

B.O.B. (or, the Japanese title that I prefer, Space Funky B.O.B.). Now, I am more than aware that it was released as both a Genesis AND a Super Nintendo game, but the reason why I placed it in Sonic's Universe is that I got to know the game by the Genesis version. I was a fan of the game back then, so I wanted to do this.

Now, I'm also referencing ANOTHER game in this stage, and it's a beloved game to begin with: ActRaiser. Yeah, that's a Super Nintendo-only game, but I picked that game for the tilesets that you'll see in the stage. As much as I loved this game, the tilesets from B.O.B. didn't add up. Also, an ActRaiser boss (the Golden Pharoah) serves as the stage's mini-boss.

There are four sections in all, each one referencing the first four "Pyramid" levels from the game, all of which were in the second world: Anciena (hence the name). However, only three are playable: you gotta find that last one. The boss of this stage is the boss that you encounter at the end of Anciena, which is a giant robot with an insect head that can flatten you with its fists. Finally, the stage theme will be the level's theme from the game: Techno Pyramid.

Now that I got that done, I'm moving on to my next stage: the Dust Hill Zone. Thank you for enjoying what you've seen so far from this game.

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