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Vintage Story is a carefully crafted 3d sandbox voxel game with pretty graphics that offers a wide range of tools for creative building with virtual blocks. It aims to become the new standard of voxel games, as we, a small dedicated team, further expand it with a story, more tools and survival elements. We usually bring out a new update every week.

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The game is (obviously) heavily inspired by minecraft, as it is *the game* we fell in love with. However after 6 years of playing and 4 years of modding we grew tired of the boring updates, the engines limitations and the slow community built modding api. We want something better! So we set out to build something better. This game is a long term commitment that will ultimately include a extensive tied in story, machinery, creative building tools, pretty graphics, immersive music and much more.

Available Features

  • Game
    • Fully modifiable Voxel Terrain
    • Cubic chunks, which makes the world height freely configurable
    • Very large Worlds that load on demand in chunks. Current soft limit about 1 billion km² or 500.000 blocks in every direction
    • Solid Player Controls. Players can Walk, Climb Stairs and Slabs, Jump, Sprint, Swim, Fly in Creative mode, Sneak and won't fall off block edges when sneaking.
    • Fancy world
      • Beautiful Day/Night Cycle, vast procedurally generated blocky clouds, fast particle system
      • 32 block range colored light sources with 16.384 different colors
      • Supports up to 65,535 different kinds of blocks.
      • Beautiful procedurally generated terrain with overhangs galore and non-uniform trees.
      • Many many building blocks
    • Multiplayer Capable (Server/Client Architecture)
    • Freely customizable building blocks through json files, including a customized model editor and 30+ configuration options for each block.
    • Some Survival Basics
      • Player Health, Death and Respawn. Fall Damage.
      • Block breaking animation, Item durability, Tools with mining speed boni
  • Client
    • Polished and User friendly GUI System with feature complete Screens and Dialogs
    • Extensive Inventory and Item System
      • Hotbar Inventory
      • Creative Menu showing all available blocks with find-as-you-type searchbox
      • Drag and Drop of Items between Inventories, many helpful shortcuts for dividing/moving/switching out single items or whole stacks
      • Ability to drop and pick up items from the ground
      • Item Durability and Item Stats (currently mining speed)
    • Cinematic Camera tools
    • Pretty shader graphics
      • Block Bloom: Make any particle or part of a block glow by a desired level.
      • Ambient bloom: Adds ambient bloom to the scene
      • God rays: Produces amazing looking light shafts, particularly intensive during dawn and dusk
      • Freely editable shader source code
  • Server
    • Standalone Multiplayer Server (or integrated when used for singpleplayer)
    • Basic hacking protection via player verification (allow only players to join when they bought the game) and server side physics simulation
    • Server Modding API with 50+ API Calls and Events that allows to hook into various processes of the game
      • Automatic Unload/Reload of changed Mods while the Server is running
      • Configurable mod dependencides and execution orders
      • Block-id remapper: More tolerant towards mods/blocks being added/removed as each world remembers the blocks it was created with.
    • Plenty Configuration Options
      • Examples: Map size (X/Y/Z), Group Privileges, Anti-Abuse Level, World Configuration, Server name, Welcome message, many performance tweaking options, etc.
    • Many commands to control server and players. These include the ability to teleport, kick&ban players, stop, grant/restrict privileges and build areas

    • Channel-Based Chat System
      • Ability to create/disband player groups that have their own chat channels
      • Ability to op/deop players of a player group
      • Client displays each channel in a seperate tab
    • Powerful World editing tools implemented as a mod.

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