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There have been a variety of tweaks and updates to the recording system, including bookmarks, speed controls, new naming method and more!

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4/28 - Live Changes - patcher update required

  • Demo bookmark system added. There is a new Bookmark bind in Options --> Keybindings (default is F3 and only works on a fresh install). Pressing the button during a game will create a demo bookmark. When the demo is played back later, pressing the same bind will speed up the demo 10x between bookmarks. It will stop 7 seconds before the bookmark to give you time to record if you choose to do so.
  • Demo naming scheme changed from random numbers to: Servername-Map---Date---time
  • Demo recording should not fail anymore. Remember to give them time to load.
  • IRC script added. Allows players to chat between in-game and IRC.
  • Bindings added near the bottom of Options --> Keybindings for speeding up / slowing down / pausing demos during playback.
  • Dodge core cooldown increased to 6 seconds.
  • Some map editor functions restored. Pressing F11 will toggle the editor both open and closed now. Setting the camera speed will work once you close the editor as well.

More on the way!

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