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Virtual Wave now has Lava and an AK-47! There is also new music but you can't really hear that in a screenshot...

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Howdy ModDB!

Just want to show off a screenshot of what I've been working on for the beta. I've added Lava and moving platforms for jumping to cross the lava, but I haven't programmed the A.I. to understand how to use the platforms to cross the lava yet. I've also added the AK-47 as a new weapon for purchase, 30 shots and fires best in bursts while not moving or jumping. Accuracy on the AK-47 can be visibly seen by the crosshairs growing in size depending on how long you shoot or how much you move.

Overall I'm making great progress with the game and hope to have the beta ready before spring of 2017.

Cheers~ FoxyPanda [Jordan]screenshot148

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