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A summary of the latest work on the fallout team and the major recruitment field.

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Sound Development

The Fallout team is currently recruiting a Sound Developer. If you are
a sound developer or know of one then contact spiritwind with
information concerning it.


Sound developer duties

-Creating tons of custom sounds ranging from gunshots to the blowing of the wind through the dusty wasteland.

-Remaking all of the current M&B sounds. The sounds field will contain all custom sounds.


Only contact spiritwind if you truly have great sound development
qualities, you must be able to make authentic and high quality sounds
for all kinds of weapons and rework them to the teams specifications.
Only apply for this field if you know you can meet those requirements.


Other News

The Loss of Jlgx

After a very depressing incident of him losing hours upon hours of work
Jlgx has decided to retire from the team. He was a great and talented
member and we will miss him greatly. But don't worry, the modeling
field is still very full of active members.

Development - Coding

On Christmas the coding files for the mod became corrupt. This resulted
in having to redo all of the coding material again. Don't worry
however, we are already caught up and working pass where we were before.

Modeling and Texture Artists

Wei and Omar have been doing a great job on their latest assignments!
Expect textured weapons and custom environment textures with the next
demo release on taleworlds forums! On the other hand Waha has been
working on the Centaur and will soon be working on Armors. Jlgx
finished the Sig Sauer and has it textured and it will be in the mod
pretty soon.

Concept Art

Our concept artist Jade and Mortecha has been pretty busy themselves
with other projects and haven't been able to contribute too much time
to the mod. You can see Mortechas latest concept art in our images. His
idea of a pulse rifle will prob be modeled and added to the game as one
of the modelers future tasks.


We are currently recruiting two more skilled modeler to the team. We
prefer our modelers to be able to UV map and texture their models on
their own and know how to position them in the BRFs to be ready for the
game. I can easily teach the BRF part but UV mapping is left for the
modeler to learn. However we are willing to accept one more skilled
modeler that does not know how to uv map or get the models into brf
format. We are also recruiting voice actors for the game. You must have
great equipment and good vocal acting in order to qualify for this
position. Also the field of map editing is open to one person. In order
to fill this position you must have much experience with the M&B
map editor program. Note: this is for the world map not the scene
editor. This is an easy position for someone to train in if they want
to be on the team. Within about 15 hours of messing around with this
program you can become pretty skilled with map making.

If you are interested in any of these fields than contact spiritwind. He will then forward you an application to the team.


Thanks for reading up on the latest information on the team!

-The Fallout Team

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