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Here the changes what i'm currently maked or make:

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Here the changes what i'm currently maked or make:

1.Dargons melee model has changed! (UPDATED)

Yeah i know i'm love changed and imroves the models but in this time models will be good for game style.

New Minions A

2.Treor models has reworked.

Treor the first legionaire with parametr Defence Power,his model doesen't changes since from the Update 1.14.For now i give him a new life.

Old Model:

Old Scorpion

New Model:

New Scorpion

3.Somes improves for some legionaires.

So sariel textures gets a better color saturation.I think about what need add to Trixie,maybe its be a full rework or some color improves.

4.Guardians. (UPDATED)

Abilities what be included in update:

Guardians Level 1:

Passive: Every next attack will be slow target movement speed by 20% for 1 seconds(Targets: Only Legionaires)

Guardians Level 2:

Passive: Every next attack will be deal a wound what deals extra 10% true damage and slow attack speed by 30% for 1 seconds.

Guardians Level 3:

Passive: Those who are standing next to the target will gain (10% damage from Guardian's basic attack) from every attack on this target(Targets: Legionaires,Dargons)

Guardians Level 4:

Basic attack increased by 5%.

5.Guardians models has updated! (NEW)

Long time i not update the guardians and now time to update and bring new life them.

Tower Models

Thanks for reading!

It's not end if i have a new news i'm edit this article,so don't forget to look this article.

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