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Post news RSS Large Map Generation Testing with 3 biomes

Today I tested the variations that I could get out of a few biomes in their current configuration. Then I stitched them together to generate a large map with some good results!

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I have still been working in the green lushy biomes this week. The forest, marsh and mushroom forest. I'm playtesting them a lot and working out a good balance of object values to achieve a good look and feel. This will be helpful as i create more biomes to have a good idea of some standard values to start from. I also wanted to see how varied a biome would look when generated multiple times using the same values. Still some work to be done there but the current results are pretty good especially when you are zoomed in during a playtest. I stitched them all together to see what a large map would be like at the moment.

I also redid my current giant green mushroom and created two variations. I like to have a minimum of three variations for any significant environmental element.

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