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KungFu in ww2 sino-Japanese war(land war sub mod) 中文名为抗日奇侠

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first of all, credit to land war team, this is just a sub mod of it.

it aims to make chinese kufung in the ww2 sino-japanese war.


Abnormal martial arts stunts, such as rebound bullet can jump air several zhangs over the wall) and fancy fire fighting kick, the whole scene into slag can be damaged or overturned walls, players and engineers can buildup (engineers automatically generated launching ground fortifications, players if civilians to start to give all of the fortifications of throwing objects, thrown to the ground can be generated, a defensive towers barbed wire trenches, etc.), can use flamethrowers and gas, and a cluster grenades (multiple grenades can be one-time delivery), a sneak attack ambush methods, abnormal challenge task,And combined with the territorial war multiple NPCs can give birth to children.

Players can start with a civilian Lord and a king, but if they start with a Lord and a king, the small problem is that the stats will be low and there will be no fortifications I set up for you to test. It's up to you to decide.

Note that there are some areas where flags are not handled properly, and then the invasion mode of the TerritoryWars will have some countries that are not related to the War of Resistance, and the names of lords and NPCs are mostly non-Japanese

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