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Post news RSS Kopanito Soccer is now 70% off on Steam with Halloween update which brings some cool goodies

Cool new stuff in Kopanito Soccer: Halloween goodies, local friends in online matches, improved corners, restored automatic passes, grass wearing down better, Steam Overlay working on Windows and more.

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Hi all!

Some great new features and improvements have been implemented in the game. Read about them below and have fun playing and mastering your skills. Practice makes perfect.

Halloween goodies

You can find few new teams in the game related to Halloween: Vampires, Zombies, Werewolves and Pumpkins.

Local friends in online matches

It's now possible for your local friends to participate in an online match. Multiple controllers can be activated, like in a local match (though there is no guarantee, that you'll be in the same team with your friends).

The shirts at the bottom right corner of the screen display status of connected controllers. The first, yellow shirt represents keyboard, the next one (red) is for the first gamepad and so on.

Press Spacebar to enable/disable the keyboard and the Start button to toggle a gamepad (like in the team selection phase before an offline match).

You can also select multiple online modes at once when searching for a quick match.

Improved corners

Corner kicks now allow for more options. You can make a ground pass, a lob pass or a precise shot at the goal.

Automatic passes are back

Automatic pass is where a pass receiver controlled by AI traps the ball (if possible). This feature is geared towards beginners and kids.

Automatic passes were present in the game few months ago, but then we decided they simplify gameplay, reduced possibilities, etc. and we introduced manual passes.

Actually the current system is an improved version, not exactly the same old pass system.

Automatic passes allow also to queue actions, e.g. pass the ball further or shot at the goal before the receiver traps the ball. Feel free to try this in the practice mode in the game.

Manual passes are in the game as they were before, but now the pass modifier key is required to be pressed to perform a manual pass. By default it's the Shift key on a keyboard and Left Bumper on a gamepad (the same button as used for sprinting, can be reconfigured in the options).

More advanced players are sprinting all the time, so they shouldn't feel a difference in passing.

So, we've combined two passing systems, giving more depth to the gameplay.

Note: Performing a header or bicycle kick on automatic passes isn't possible in most situations, you still need a manual lob pass for this purpose.

Note 2: Trying to beat the Professional or Legend AI using only automatic passes isn't a good idea, feel warned.

A new way of grass wearing down

We've changed how the grass is wearing down in the game. Now each battle on the pitch should give a different result. Grass will become worn in the 'hottest' areas of the field.

Steam Overlay is working again on Windows

Yeah, we know, that working Steam Overlay isn't something special for other games. The base technology that we're using didn't co-operate with the Overlay in the past, but now things are improving.

It also means that Steam Link should work too, but please let us know!

Other changes

  • Updated the list of games on the Browse Matches screen.
  • Changed how fame points are awarded for a match. Awarding fame for online matches too.
  • Improved ball stealing. Now short time in the ball's vicinity is needed to steal the ball if someone is already dribbling.
  • Fixed Commonwealth Cup huge bronze medal on the modes list (thanks +papa+).
  • Another set of fixes regarding players being entangled in goal's net.
  • Fixed few controller connection/disconnection issues (thanks a.).
  • Fixed headers not being counted as shots.
  • Fixed possibility of a corner kick or throw-in on the Indoor stadium.
  • Allowing to change players before a starting whistle (before kick-off, corner kick, throw-in and goal kick).
  • Improved avatar loading in leaderboards.
  • Made match camera slightly faster.
  • Fixed supershot animation's wrong timing on replays in some cases.
  • Fixed too big player names on GIF replays.
  • Fixed possibility of using the freeze and teleport super-moves by multiple players from the same team at once.
  • A lot of other minor fixes, tweaks and optimizations.

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