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#KNDW 2015 Winter Sale has started! Also, I've prepared other news. Hope you like it!

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Adieu 2015! I am Lee Yunseok, creator of YGGDRASIL STUDIO. Today, #KNDW 2015 Winter Sale has started on all of distribution platforms. You can find on Steam and Humble Widget, IndieGameStand, itchio, Playfield, Amazon Appstore, App Store and Google Play!

Sale Description for you(Original):

Steam: 34% off for Discouraged workers, 33% off for DLCs.
Humble: 33% off for Discouraged Workers, 33% off for OST DLC. -DRM-Free+Steam key+itchio key. So, you can get a 2 Steam keys and 1 itchio key.
IndieGameStand: 33% off for Discouraged Workers and DLCs. -DRM-Free+Steam key.
itchio: 37% off for Discouraged Workers Bundle($14,99). -DRM-Free+Steam key.
Playfield: 34% off for Discouraged Workers+10% off Store Credits. -DRM-Free+Steam key. If you want only the game, this is the best.

Q. How to apply the Playfield Store Credits?

Playfield.io Object]
  1. Copy the URL above.
  2. Paste to your web browser.
  3. Move to Discouraged Workers: Playfield.io
  4. Get it.

Sale Description for you(TEEN):

IndieGameStand: 33% off for Discouraged Workers. -DRM-Free(Steam keys will comes with after greenlit on Steam.)
itchio: 33% off for Discouraged Workers. -DRM-Free(Steam keys will comes with after greenlit on Steam.)
Amazon Appstore: 33% off for Discouraged Workers. It available for Android/BlackBerry/Fire mobile/tablet.
Google Play: 33% off for Discouraged workers. It available for Android mobile/tablet.

All sale ends on this year.

Now Available on the App Store

Today, Discouraged Workers has been released on the App Store. It available for iPhones/iPad/iPod, requires iOS 8.0 or later. Grab it now with 33% off($1.99)!

Discouraged Workers V1.1.2.3 Update

Discouraged Workers V1.1.2.3 updated on Steam and Humble, IndieGameStand, and itchio. This is a very small update.

Update details:

  • Fixed: Spelling errors(Wikipedia) in the three concept items. Reported by Chazz the Elder, Steam user.

TCG Samples

Currently I am working for #WOT TCG card samples for my Korean contributors. #WOT is an open rule TCG made by me. This rule can be open to the public for indie, someday. To do this, I will have to establish a good rule and change the layout design. It is currently using the FontAwesome by Dave Gandy.

Yeah, yesterday was my birthday(Dec 22nd). So I rest with my families. 2015 AOTY vote was also ended on SlideDB. Thank you for my voters. Your vote was a birthday present for me. Once again, thank you.

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