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In this report we'll cover the general gameplay, background, pricing and the expected release date of the first alpha version.

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Hello, I'm J.M. García and together with my friend grimnir6, we are making Kition Restoration .Since none of us speak English natively, please bear with any typo or grammatical mistake. Every Sunday I'll be releasing a Kition Report where I write about the game development, background and updates.

This Kition Report will cover:

  1. Game background.
  2. General Gameplay.
  3. Pricing.
  4. Expected alpha release.



Kition Restoration is an action-rpg where you must make a living in a devastated region of a futuristic world. Your character is a former member of the Imperial army who deserted tired of the irresponsible leadership of the Empire and the constant pointless and poorly led wars. After arriving to a remote settlement the locals invite you to form part of the community and let you live in a nearby old abandoned supply station.



The player is free to set their own objectives and to engage them as they want. You can take requests from the settlement inhabitants and become friends of them to have them help you, go explore randomly generated dungeons and sell the loot to the traders or use the found materials to craft your own equipment. Over time you can decide to get married and after your death you can decide to continue playing with one of your sons, or maybe you prefer to live alone as much as possible with the sole company of your manufactured robots.

The mentioned features will be detailed in future Kition Reports.



The game will be completely free forever. There will be a donation system set up when the alpha release gets closer for those who want to contribute with the development or for those who enjoy the game and want to give something back.

Alpha release


We expect to have the alpha release with some basic gameplay on the third quarter of 2016. The alpha will include random dungeon generation, basic manufacturing at the station and several services in the settlement.

This is all for now. See you the next week!

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